Ros Robertson PsyD, PhD, ThD, CPC, Psychotherapist
                                           Connecting psychology and theology for spiritual and human awakening

Connecting psychology and spirituality for human awakening

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Patient Financial and Fee Agreement

Service Hourly Rate

Individual psychotherapy session $125.00

Family/Couples psychotherapy session $225.00

Group psychotherapy session $75.00

Court testimony, inc. travel, wait time (per hour) $175.00

4-hour workshops (contracted only)

One-time, 4 hour workshop

$ 75.00

5-week Workshops (contracted only)

5 weeks @ 2.5 hrs (incl. materials)

$ 215.00


2-day Workshops (contracted only)

2 days @ 7.5 hrs (incl. materials)

$ 260.00


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