Ros Robertson, PhD, CPC, Psychotherapist
Connecting psychology and spirituality for human awakening

Connecting psychology and spirituality for human awakening

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Power & Purpose of a Woman Women?s Devotions to Inspire & Change


When a kingdom woman begins her day, heaven, earth, and hell take notice.

When she nurtures and advises the man she loves, he can do little to resist

her. When she offers care, comfort, and encouragement to her friends and

relatives, they are able to go farther, faster, and in confidence because of her

inspiration and reassurance. Her children rise up and call her blessed. Other

women turn to her for wise counsel and a compassionate ear. Her church relies

on her faithful service. She is a vital contributor to culture and a gatekeeper at

her home to keep out the negative and promote the positive.

You will learn how His love gave you eternal life and made you His Bride. You will hear how and why He redeemed you from slavery to sin to make you His Father's beloved daughter. Rejoice ladies, you are truly His loved princesses!


May God bless each one of us as we act to fulfill our life’s purpose through service for such a time as this.


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