Ros Robertson, PhD, CPC, Psychotherapist
Connecting psychology and spirituality for human awakening

Connecting psychology and spirituality for human awakening

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Endow Me: An Analysis of Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in the Christian Faith


The purpose of this book is to look at the ideological war raging today between psychology, theology and spirituality as the main battlefield in the Christian faith. This war is being fought on two fronts: Establishing psychology in opposition to religion in general and Christianity in particular; and the intense conflict within the Christian community about whether or not so-called godless psychology should be embraced.

The key question is whether or not psychology is based on a world view which opposes the essentials of the Christian faith. This includes the assumptions of psychology of materialism, rationalism, determinism and relativism, spiritualism, and that humans are not self-aware, responsible and free moral agents. Christians cannot accept these philosophical assumptions and at the same time remain true to their faith, hence becoming a slave to religion, their new master.

Within Christianity there is a wide variety of opinions concerning the validity of psychology in general and psychotherapy in particular. One extreme camp believes that only the Bible can be used in determining truth and that science cannot be trusted. At the other extreme are those who are willing to accept truth as determined by science even when it clearly contradicts Biblical interpretation, but are scared to speak it.


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