Ros Robertson PsyD, PhD, ThD, CPC, Psychotherapist
                                           Connecting psychology and theology for spiritual and human awakening

Connecting psychology and spirituality for human awakening

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My fee for a regular therapy hour is $100.  The first session is $125 and lasts 90 minutes.  Fees are the same whether you are seeking therapy as a couple, an individual, or a family.  I offer a free 10-15 minute initial phone consultation to discuss your goals and answer any questions you have about my practice, about me, or about therapy in general. We are dedicated to providing reasonably priced psychotherapy and pastoral counseling to clients. 

Concerns within my scope of practice

You are the expert on your life! I would be honored to be your guide, mirror, and support while you uncover your truth again!

I believe that we all have all within us the wisdom and knowledge we need to lead a satisfied and successful life. However, sometimes this knowledge gets buried and lost in the struggles and wounding of life. Individual psychotherapy offers the client a safe space to re-discover this deep inner wisdom and the tools to reconnect with his or her intuition and inner knowing.

Issues that I address in my practice are: emotional wounds and traumas, domestic violence, depression, low self esteem, self worth or confidence, aggressive and submissive behaviors, inability to express feelings or feeling too much, inability to ask for or get your needs met, reclaiming your personal power and taking charge of your life, victim mentality,  communication skills, assertiveness training, anger management, overcoming fears, phobias, addiction, relationships & marriages,  etc.

Personal Growth and Development Workshops for Adults

Dr. Ros strives to create an atmosphere of safety and trust which allows the participants of her courses to go on a journey of exploration inward – to find a new and personally meaningful connection with themselves and their position to life. She encourages and guides participants to find new ways of connecting with the world around them, be it in their relationships with family, friends and co-workers or in contact with their environment, nature, or their own living space. Using a mix of lecturing, experiential exercises, guided imagery and discussion, Dr. Ros also provides participants with easy-to-use tools that benefit them in their everyday life.

Dr. Ros’s main focus is on the Development of a Healthy and Balanced Self in each person. She believes that cultivating a clear and objective understanding of our needs, boundaries and responsibilities is the most important tool to integrating a reliable and reliant connection to the events and people in our lives and the world at large. To support participants on that path, Dr. Ros encourages them to deepen their understanding of themselves as Individuals; to continuously advance on their journey towards a deeper understanding of Self; and to increasingly listen to and trust the inner wisdom and knowledge that is our birthright. Drawing on a lifetime of experience in working with people of many walks of life in different cultures Dr. Ros enables her students to find their own specific Self – or identity – and integrate it into the life they are creating for themselves in the present moment. Small group sizes and interactive exercises allow for a personal and life-changing experience.

As a life coach I will help you to identify challenges and goals and figure out what’s preventing you from getting to where you want to be. “It all evolves from really looking at what’s going on in your life.”

Working together I ask my clients questions like:
• How do you spend your time?
• What do you want?
• Where are you right now?
• Why don’t you have it?

As a Career Coach your program will be designed to provide the knowledge and application of effective career management strategies for career development and transition; through self-assessment and research into potential career fields. Students acquire the knowledge and skills to identify and communicate themselves as a brand.

Dr. Ros, Inc, using a refreshing combination of compassion, candor, and common sense, she imparts truths that will totally revolutionize the lives of everyone that hears her and equips them to be the "champions" they were created to be!  Helping organizations and individuals succeed by building better environments conducive to growth, development and empowerment.  


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